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Cleaning & Laundry Services for Pensacola, Gulf Breeze & Milton, FL

Dry Cleaning

If you’re looking for dry cleaning services that are reliable, thorough, and convenient, you’ve come to the right place. Vick’s has provided all of that and more to residents in the greater Pensacola area since 1923. Providing you with exceptionally clean garments that look as new as possible is our number one goal. We achieve that with well-trained workers and state-of-the-art machines that dry clean and press your garments in a thorough manner while still adhering to each piece’s care instructions. We also do this quickly and efficiently, to ensure that you never have to sacrifice convenience and a fast turnaround time for quality dry cleaning.
Laundry Service Milton, FL


Doing laundry is so 1990’s! Who has time to do laundry anymore?! Leave it to us. Our wash, dry, and fold service takes this tedious chore off your hands and ensures that your casual wear, linens, towels, and more are cleaned according to their care instructions and neatly folded.

Pick-up & Delivery

Let’s face it, you have a hundred things on your to-do list every week. Let us take one off the list for you – we’ll pick up and drop off the dry cleaning and laundry! Simply sign up, and leave your garments on your front porch and we’ll swing by and pick them up. When your items are clean, we’ll bring the dry cleaning to your door, saving you the trip to one of our locations. You can even schedule recurring pickups on a specified day of the week by joining our route in your neighborhood.

Leather & Suede

Leather and Suede are very unique fabrics that require very special treatment. Don’t trust them to just any cleaner! Vick’s has been processing specialty fabrics for almost 100 yrs – we know just what to do with your leather, suede, silk, and other special fabrics.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

It’s hard to imagine a garment more special than the gown you wore on your big day. And when it comes to cleaning it and preserving it you’ll only want the best to do the job. That’s why you should turn
to Vick’s for wedding dress cleaning and preservation. Our drycleaners are well trained in both wedding dress dry cleaning and wedding gown preservation, so they know how to treat your garment with the care it requires.

Shoe Repair

Vick’s is your one stop shop for all your dry cleaning needs, including alterations and tailoring, and even shoe repair, which is done by our experienced professionals. So if you have a broken heel or shoe defect, we can be counted on to fix your problem quickly and at an affordable rate.

Household Goods

From your bedroom, to your dining room, living room and any other room in your house, we are ready to take care of your fabric cleaning needs. From curtains and comforters, to tablecloths and linens, our Household Goods department can clean it.

Fire & Water Restoration

Vick’s is a proud part of the Certified Restoration Dry-cleaning Network (CRDN). CRDN is a national network focused specifically on restoring your fabrics after fire or water damage. Our specialized techniques allow us to clean all fabrics, draperies, rugs and other items in need of restoration, and we can do all this while working with your insurance company to provide you the high-quality, reliable restoration that your special items require.

Now e-Certified! Our expertise in cleaning fire/water damaged fabrics is now extended to electronics. We have obtained e-certification to clean and restore TV’s, DVD players, computers, and a whole host of
electronic items.


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